The mission of Sleep Better TV is to aid dental sleep medicine practitioners in growing their practice by communicating their training and expertise to their existing and potential patient base via the power and 24/7 availability of the Internet.

The mission of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is to be recognized as the leader in academically rigorous education and credentialing built upon  evidence-based,multidisciplinary scholarship in the areas of sleep breathing disorders, TMD, and Craniofacial Pain. The Academy believes in a multidisciplinary paradigm through itsinvitation to health care practitioners including but not limited to dentists, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, sleep technologists, nurses, and nurse practitioners who interact with and/or provide treatment to the patient for sleep-breathing disorders, TMD, or pain.

Disclaimer and Indemnification:  The ACSDD provides medical/clinical/dental science education for dentists treating sleep disorders through the use of oral appliances. The ACSDD provides neither consultancy nor advice on particular patients and/or individual patient care decisions. The ACSDD is not responsible or liable for individual patients’ course of treatment, advice, diagnosis, drug and device application or other information, services or products. There is no substitute for a one-on-one evaluation by a competent healthcare professional, and specific information regarding any particular circumstance cannot be provided without such evaluation. The ACSDD advises and recommends that certified  dentists consult with qualified licensed physicians in guiding treatment of individual patients. The ACSDD does not recommend or endorse dentists or physicians. Certification by The ACSDD evidences successful completion of The ACSDD coursework; but does not signify or imply any relationship whatsoever between the certified individual and The ACSDD. Certification shall have no presumed relevance with regard to third-party payers, legal proceedings, or other similar matters.